Tuesday, 4 February 2020

St. John's, Antigua

The capital of Antigua and Barbuda.  Every morning three or four cruise liners dock at the tiny port and disgorge thousands of tourists, who spend the day on the island and re-embark at dusk to sail overnight to the next island.  In pic 2 you can see the liner at the end of the street, dwarfing the buildings.  There are a couple of big supermarkets, but most real shops are the size of British corner shops.  Much of the trade is done from roadside stalls by (often Rasta) smallholders selling their produce.  Rastafaris are vegetarian and do not take alcohol or tobacco or participate in Babylon - consumerism as we know it in the West.  They wear the dreadlocks under caps of green, gold, yellow and black and use cannabis. Most of the buildings and houses are wooden, but we saw breeze block construction and metal-framed structures.  The impression is of a 'poor' island, but perhaps needs in a hot climate with good fishing are simpler than in the north European countries.

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