Friday, 30 November 2018

London People

 The light was perfect the next morning, and we headed for Granary Square, where the fashionistas enter and exit Central St Martin's College.  I didn't manage to photograph many of them, but there were others with food or phones whose attention was distracted so that an 85mm lens could be used quite close.  Otherwise, just standing still and using the waist-level viewing screen with a pre-chosen background was inconspicuous.  I loved the pigeon and the bus driver, the chopsticks couple sharing the meal with Ann, Barry and Sue in the background, and the tour leader in the yellow and black socks at the Hardy Tree in Old St Pancras Churchyard.

London Buildings

From the top: corner of Grays Inn Road and Pentonville Road; the Regent Canal and Granary Square;    St Martin's College construction room; Granary Square and reflection; Sir John Soane's Mausoleum - he was the architect of the Bank of England, and this little construction (with Karl Marx's tomb the only Grade 1 listed buildings in London) was supposedly the model for Giles Gilbert Scott's telephone kiosk; the back of Coal Drops Yard; Stable Yard (the back of Granary Square); Kings Cross Station, with a modern Flying Scotsman. 

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Ann Gets The Fenton Medal

The Magnificent Seven - Ann, Barry and Sue, Jane, Jonathan and Sue and me - attended an evening at the Royal Society in London, where Ann received the Fenton Medal and Honorary Life Membership of the Royal Photographic Society and the approbation of her peers in the world of photography.  Charles II seemed unimpressed, but then he didn't know what Photoshop was, or he'd have had that nose fixed.

To Our Travelodge

From the top: outside the Crick Institute, St Pancras Hotel behind; new building; the Coal Office; the renovated Coal Drop Yards; four of the Magnificent Seven; WC1.

Francis Crick Institute

Opened in 2016 behind St Pancras Station, this is a multi-disciplinary research institution.  As such, an obvious place to use my fisheye lens.  The bottom pic is a flu virus.  

The British Library

Arriving in London with some time to kill until Barry, Sue and Jane arrived, we went to the British Library and got down and architectural.  

Sunday, 4 November 2018

After the Fireworks

Some of the debris from the village fireworks that Sadie and I collected on Sunday morning.  64 rockets were fired and we found only 26 sticks.  Either someone else had collected them up or there were 38 rocket remains in back gardens all up the High Street.  In the afternoon we took Ted for a walk with Ian and Isla.  Meredith had finally lost her wobbly tooth and kept feeling the gap with her tongue. 

Friday, 2 November 2018

Test Card

I finally moved on to the X-T2 now that the price has dropped with the advent of the T3.  This is a big crop into the top photo at different ISO values: 200; 1600; 3200; 6400; 12800 and 25600.   All at f/2.8 with varying shutter speeds on a tripod.